John's Jewellers, and Marjorie Sterling-Miller celebrates 35 years as owner. I always thought I would only be here seven or so years. Time has gone so quickly, 35 years does not seem like a long time. This store was owned for five years before John Wiersma bought it. He ran it for 20 years. So let's celebrate this event. My staff and I would love to take care of you.

It is located on main street in Westlock, Alberta. The store was recently renovated. Goldsmith work has been done in the premises for 20 years. The store has been doing custom design work for over 18 years. We specialize in diamond jewellery, carrying diamond rings, earrings, pendants, broaches, and bracelets. Canadian Diamonds have swept Canada, and Westlock has 80% of its stock in Canadian Diamonds. These diamonds are Laser Numbered. This number is not just a number. This number tells you what mine it comes from, what layer of soil/rock, who cut it, and date. Canadian Diamonds are considered to be the best Diamonds in the world.

Another great piece of jewellery that we are showing is black, blue champagne Diamonds.This is exciting and fun. Come in and see. The Northern Opal is hot this year along with great pieces of amber.

Visit to browse out online catalog.

Precisionist Bulova Watches are new. Timing on these watches are accurate to ten seconds a year. This is the worlds most accurate watch with a continuously sweeping second hand.

Can't sleep, check out our sleeping stones.

Harley Davidson items are in the store. Limited Editions, along with key chains, purses, watches, hats and many more items. Hats are free with every Harley Davidson watch sold (limited quantities).

Bradford collectors have a full wall of items to choose from. The newest Christmas pieces are in store now. Now including a personalized option. Check out .

It's our pleasure to take care of you. Serve you. Come and enjoy this time with us. Our Staff will gladly offer assistance in person, on the phone, through e-mail or the website. We are eager to fulfill your wishes.

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